Monday, March 30, 2015

Looking for quality cleaning services in Dubai?

P&C dedicates for quality cleaning services in Dubai

Proven record of quality service delivery since 2007, thousands of happy local and tourist customers, best service delivery in Dubai cleaning services field, well trained and uniformed staff, specialized cleaning methods and much more…..
It’s not just about cleaning it’s all about customer service, do the best that we can do, contribute the best that we can contribute for each person who keep trust on us. We are proud to be P&C with a vision of making a better world. We steps towards this vision initially providing best cleaning services in Dubai

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P&C Cleaning services Dubai

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Maid services and general cleaning services in Dubai

Maid services and general cleaning services in Dubai

We do believe with your busy life, you always need to have someone who can keep your home clean and organize your bedroom kitchen and closet etc...

Yes, we P&C Cleaning services can be the responsible service provider to save your limited time with trust on a best price for the service you get

Since 2007, we’ve have work hard over 50,000 hours of services for clients, who were looking for cleaning services in Dubai.

We are proud to say, we have gained the trust of so many customers, who ordered services for the first time couple of years back, and still they keep ordering from us. This is a certification for us that we are providing a good service for our clients.

Further we are in mission to help “making a better world’ in our subject so we started this with providing best cleaning services in Dubai, each individual person or a company can contribute the best that they can do for a another, therefore we maximize the service quality more and more in our subject of cleaning services  

P&C Cleaning Services Dubai
Making a better world

Friday, March 6, 2015

Common-sense guide from P&C cleaning services in Dubai 2015 March 06

2.Its always safe to order services from licensed cleaning services in Dubai

its common some people might contact you and request for a part-time job to clean your house or office. But is it safe to you as a customer to take someone who you really don’t know or at least there is no one who can take responsibility for that person if anything goes wrong.

100% we believe every customer is generous to help someone, we too don’t believe, helping someone is wrong, but at the same time we also believe security is also another important fact to concern before help another, so if it’s so it’s better to concern what could possible go wrong?

Two uncomplicated things we would like to reveal for your information and anxiety

The person you hire might be extremely good but what if that person steels your valuable things and disappears. What can be done to find him? Or who can be contacted to inform?

The person can face an accident while working in your home, how much you will spend to compensate that person

But when it comes to hire a person through registered cleaning services in Dubai

Every employee is legal and they have their valid id to certify that they are from a registered company, and for any incident that might be occur the company management will take all necessary actions to solve the conflict

Every person are insured with insurance so if something goes wrong you don’t have to spend your time and money for any matter, because company take care of them.

We leave this to every client to make their choice on these simple facts to safeguard their family because we P&C cleaning services in Dubai in a mission of making a better world

P&C cleaning services in Dubai Making a better world

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cleaning commonsense guide from P&C cleaning services in Dubai 2015 March 03

1.P&C cleaning services in Dubai encourage customers to have own cleaning supplies at their home

we understand our customers doesn't want to spend valuable time on cleaning their home, that's why we are there to help you to clean your living environment. but when you order cleaning materials from cleaning services, even if every company brings cleaned materials to your home to do the job, but please be aware these materials are not brand-new and it has being used in another house and cleaned,  so means it could be 98% cleaned but not 100%.

So why we need to spread germs and bacteria's even a 2%, that's why P&C encourage customers to have their cleaning supplies at there home for the maid to use, this will definitely increase the quality of hygienic environment and you are safe and safe with any company that you order cleaning services in Dubai

Moreover if its difficult for you to purchase stuff, why not try our free service help to purchase materials for you, is it free? yes its free. We will spend our time for you and do not charge for the time that we spent to go to the market, only the material cost is yours. inform us in advance give us a call we will help you out with your requests

lets help each other to have the most hygienic city in the world with support of all cleaning services in Dubai

P&C cleaning services in Dubai Making a better world