Monday, December 28, 2015

Commonsense guide from P&C Cleaning services Dubai 2015 December 28

5). Deep Cleaning services and Regular part time maid cleaning services are not the same. It’s better to understand the difference before you place your order to purchase your service most economically.

We know everybody look for a better cleaning service to serve you when you required cleaning services. But let’s examine if you have ordered the right service at right time.
Here we talk briefly about three typical circumstances.

1.    When you newly bought a house
2.    After you went on vacation and just came back
3.    While you are here in Dubai and need the house to be cleaned

Number 1. When you newly bought a house

Yes many of us agree that we order deep cleaning services or move in cleaning services when we bought a new house. But it doesn’t mean that it’s always necessary.
We P&C cleaning services Dubai recommend to order Move in cleaning services if your apartment is so dirty, if it has glue marks, silicon marks or paint marks left by maintenance people. Or it has stubborn dirt’s, oil or grease marks and it’s so dusty every corner that you observe.
But if it’s not that much dirty and if you feel it needs a few hours of cleaning to get a fresh look, you simply need to order part time maid service to clean your apartment with right disinfectant detergent, this process might required some extra hours of cleaning but still in this way you will save your money and get the right kind of service you need.

Number 2. After you went on vacation and just came back

We can understand once you were away your house didn't got clean as often as you were here in Dubai, obviously your house could be dusty and smelly once you came back, at this time we recommend you to order part time maid service to clean your home properly by taking some extra hours, comparison to the hours that it took to clean your home in regular basis.
We also recommend having this additional cleaning at least once in every year to maintain your home environment in clean condition

Number 3. While you are here in Dubai and need the house to be cleaned

Here we have no doubt that we don’t need deep cleaning services, because we only concern that our houses look clean and fresh when we came back home after work, but the number of hours that you order should be based on the work load that are there to be done in your home.

Generally we demonstrate below hours and time sequence as the minimum cleaning hours that required for standard apartments here in Dubai

Studio apartments once a week 2 hours
1Bedroom apartment once a week 3 hours
2 bedroom apartments once a week 4 hours
3 Bedroom apartments once a week 5 hours

Again we would like to remind it all depend on your assessment.

We P&C cleaningservices Dubai care and deliver quality

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

4). It’s always safer to give some simple instructions to your hired part time maid on how to work in your home. We P&C Cleaning Services Dubai say you know about your home than anyone else

Generally when we hire a professional cleaning service to clean our home we expect that worker should know all about his or her job. Yes usually all companies train their staff to do their job to meet customer’s expectations. But it’s always better to give some additional instructions that are special in your home


You have purchased some new clothes that might rub-off colors to another cloth usually new clothe might lose some colors so it’s always better to wash those separate, but the worker should be informed to do this.

May be you have purchase new washing machines with latest technology, even though the worker has experience with operating many washing machines but it’s still better to give some simple instructions how to take care and operate your new machines

So there could be something more than this you expect to take care when you need a proper help with your house cleaning services Dubai

So we always welcome our customers who give some simple instructions to their workers with regards to take care of their houses and belongings, because we believe prevention is better than cure

We always be satisfied by providing a high class cleaning service Dubai, but according to the way of our customers’ expectations. Because we believe we are making a better world by doing the best that we can do.

We P&C cleaning services Dubai care and deliver quality

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cleaning Services Dubai from P&C, your reliable service partner

Cleaning Services Dubai from P&C, your reliable service partner

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We welcome you to join to our regular customer group to experience a endless highly versatile cleaning service throughout the years.

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