Friday, May 8, 2015

Commonsense guide from P&C Cleaning Services Dubai 2015 May 08

3). Brand new apartment looks clean, but is it really clean? We P&C Cleaning Services Dubai say NO!
Why we say so?

We agree when we move in to a new apartment the landlord show you a clean apartment, but the question is it really clean as it seems? Is it hygienically clean for your loved one, children’s
Let’s think about few visitors visit your apartment before you move in

1)      Maintenance people who fix simple maintenance work in your apartment
2)      Other buyers who was interested to buy your apartment
3)      Pest control peoples hired by you or the landlord
4)      Real-estate brokers who show your apartment to other buyers
5)      Of course your moving company employees who moves your furniture to your apartment

We agree that you can’t avoid these people with your new house shifting

But our mission is for you to live in a clean and hygienic apartment that’s why we say we are making a better world, we P&C Cleaning Services Dubai care what we do in our industry

Deep cleaning is different from just wiping off surfaces or regular house maids general cleaning services

Deep cleaning means giving attention to clean each and every single square centimeter in your apartment in all angles with disinfected detergent cleaning chemicals to remove dust, dirt, germs and bacteria and more (paints, glue marks, silicon etc.)

It starts with the entrance door and door handle itself to the corner railing of your balcony and windows.

We will not succeed if we did not deliver the quality service, not just for some, but it for each and every customer who trust us and order move in cleaning services Dubai

Experience the difference with P&C Cleaning Services Dubai

We are Flexible and dedicated!