Saturday, July 22, 2017

Did you hire your maid from one of the best maid services in Dubai?

Hire your maid from one of the best maid services in Dubai.

Well we would like to discuss this with you in the topic of cleanliness. It’s true that all maid services in Dubai have experienced maids or maids with average level of experience. Generally on the first day you usually explain the maid all the tasks that you need her to do in regular basis in your home, and then you assume that she will follow your instructions accordingly, also we know that you crosscheck to see whether the maid has done all the tasks that you have already instructed her to do. So you entrust your house cleanliness to a maid from one of the best maid services in Dubai, just because you are too busy with your day to day busy life and you only have time to crosscheck the jobs that you have assigned the maid to do. But we believe you really miss the valuable points that you need to be aware of. Doing all the tasks that you assigned her to do is not just enough. Most importantly we focus whether the maid does each and every task in the right manner, i.e. according to the professional standards.

We would like to open your eyes taking one example scenario. Imagine that the maid you hired cleaning your bathroom with some tools, fabrics, and rubber sponges, then after she comes to your kitchen to clean your kitchen table tops and utensils with the same tools, fabric and rubber sponges. So now can you argue with us that she did a perfect job or did she actually clean your home? We say no, instead of cleaning she filled your kitchen with lots of germs and bacteria’s. Just because you did not notice that, you think she cleaned your house and did all the tasks you asked her to do, so in your opinion she is the perfect maid and you ordered services from the best maid service in Dubai.

We as an industry expert, we do keep closer attention with these kind of situations and our vast experience which we gathered by providing cleaning services in Dubai almost for a decade has given us the knowledge to bring up many number of similar points to add in to your knowledge in order to give you a hygienic life with no deceases. We do care professional cleaning service arrangements we are P&C Cleaning Services in Dubai

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

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